Subfloor Ventilation

Is your moisture rich and smelly basement or subfloor creating costly and harmful problems that you can’t see?

Sub-Floor Ventilation that's quiet, effective and safe

See Immediate Improvements Of Up To 7 Degrees Celcius With Healthy Homes Tasmania

The right sub floor ventilation goes a long way in ensuring that the indoor air you breathe is fresh and free from pollutants.

Healthy Homes Tasmania makes every effort to ensure that our customers get the most effective sub floor ventilation solution that is non obtrusive, effective and creates a safe home environment.

Sub-Floor Ventilation Highly Recommended by Professionals

Many building inspectors, engineers and pest controllers recommend subfloor ventilation. The purpose of sub floor ventilation is to move sufficient air through the sub-floor area and remove the stale moist air, replacing it with fresh drier air from outside. As every home is different, choosing the right solution is not a one size fits all scenario.

Subfloor Ventilation System (Mechanical Ventilation) Installed by Healthy Homes Tasmania.
Healthy Homes Tasmania installed this sub floor ventilation system to assist in the removal of moist, damp area from a residential home sub floor. Mould tends to be more prevalent in damp, moist areas with poor ventilation.
InAir Ventilation System installed into a roof cavity to circulate airflow.
Healthy Homes Tasmania installed this ventilation system into a ceiling cavity to increase circulation and reduce the propensity for mould growth.

Sub-Floor Ventilation Design, Installation and Servicing by Healthy Homes Tasmania

At Healthy Homes Tasmania, we believe every home deserves the benefits of fresh air, which is why we help our customers in more ways than one.

Healthy Homes Tasmania offers customers to save money through a DIY option, leveraging our expertise and knowledge. Our team will design and supply, you install. However, our customers love the peace of mind and warranty offered by our 5 year warranty.

A typical solution for subfloor ventilation includes a timer controlled, ducted,  mechanical ventilation system. The design of the system factors in the Geography, geology and the existing drainage solution. Our team has the capacity to undertake installation work on new builds and retrofit to existing homes across Southern and Northern Tasmania.

On time, Budget Conscious and Great Service

Healthy homes Tasmania loves building healthy relationships with our happy customers. Great customer service and achieving even better results is why we are Tasmania’s preferred Sub-Floor Ventilation specialist.

Our team has helped many Tasmanian home owners, investors and even tenants resolve air flow issues in the sub-floor. Our team services Northern and Southern Tasmania, with many happy customers loving what we do.

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