Heat Transfer

AirQ by Healthy Homes Tasmania purifies and distributes clean air and provides an energy efficient heating solution.

Tasmania’s trusted Heat Transfer specialist

Save Money And Maintain A Comfortably Warm Home

Do you find your teeth chattering on cold days and nights, or perhaps you want to avoid that cold bed feeling after sitting by the fire on a Winter night? Well, you are not alone.

Heat Transfer systems work by moving warm air from one place to another in the house, while at the same time the air transfer creates drier environments that tend to warm up quicker. This means you can reduce energy costs associated with heaters as they would not be required to work as long.

Marty Bohata from Healthy Homes Tasmania installing a Heat Transfer and Ventilation System in the roof cavity of a customers home.
Marty is installing a new heat transfer and ventilation system for a customer. The purification and redistribution of warm air from the attic to other areas in the home is ensuring a consistent room temperature across the home.
InAir Ventilation System installed into a roof cavity to circulate airflow.
Healthy Homes Tasmania installed this ventilation system into a ceiling cavity to increase circulation and reduce the propensity for mould growth.

Energy Efficient Heat Transfer and Air Filtering System

AirQ Ventilation systems by Healthy Homes Tasmania harness the free warm air from your roof space, filters and purifies it, then distributes it evenly throughout your home. The heat provided by our system is the ultimate in energy-efficient heating.

With just a 10°C temperature difference between the roof and the home, the system provides every room with the equivalent heat of a 1000W heater – all for the cost of running a standard light-globe.

Positive Pressure Filtered Ventilation Systems (PPFVs) illustrated to show how clean airflow can travel in the home
PPFV’s (often generically referred to as HRV systems) have been around for around 15 years with some 300,000 installed systems across Australia and New Zealand. These systems represent the best solution for energy efficient, healthy, “set and forget” ventilation

On Time, Budget Conscious And Great Service

Healthy homes Tasmania loves building healthy relationships with our happy customers. Great customer service and achieving even better results is why we are Tasmania’s preferred Heat Transfer System specialist.

Our team has helped many Tasmanian home owners and investors save money and keep a warm comfortable home with our Heat Transfer Solutions. Our team services Northern and Southern Tasmania, with many happy customers loving what we do.

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