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Healthy Homes Tasmania tests, cleans and eradicates mould to improve air quality in your home and reduce the potential for costly maintenance work in the future.

Tasmania’s trusted Mould Remediation specialist

You are not alone!

Mould in its various forms is a problem for many Tasmanian homes. Visible mould is created by dampness in the home which is a sign of poor ventilation or much larger problems such as a leaky roof, broken pipes, porous bricks or poorly sealed windows.

Wall Hung Curtains with Mould Growth next to a couch in a residential home
Mould growth is evident in poorly ventilated and damp areas of the home. Mould found in key living areas pose a serious health risk for some people if not carefully managed.
Mould growing on a wall behind wallpaper
Mould may take some time to appear and by the time you see it it, it may be too late. Black mould caused by rising damp can exacerbate breathing conditions.

Breathe Easy, we have solutions that work!​

Healthy Homes Tasmania have developed a detailed Healthy Home assessment that evaluates your home’s subfloor, living spaces and roof cavity for symptoms of mould and mould presence.

By identifying the type of mould in your home and the cause of the mould, we are able to provide a customised solution to help you breathe easy!

Subfloor Ventilation System (Mechanical Ventilation) Installed by Healthy Homes Tasmania.
Healthy Homes Tasmania installed this sub floor ventilation system to assist in the removal of moist, damp area from a residential home sub floor. Mould tends to be more prevalent in damp, moist areas with poor ventilation.
Healthy Homes Tasmania team member wearing personal protective equipment while undertaking mould eradication services.
Healthy Homes Tasmania works diligently and professionally to ensure surfaces are correctly prepared for treatment to get the best results. Here mould is being cleaned up using spray bottle with mould remediation chemicals, mould removal products and scraper tool.

Our Solutions are tailored to your needs​

Every home is unique and so are the issues faced. That’s why we take our years of experience and customise a solution for you that works within your budget. Our services include

  • Mould Swab Testing
  • Mould Cleaning
  • Mould Eradication
  • Surface Moisture Readings
  • We only use Natural Products

On time, Budget Conscious and Great Service

Healthy homes Tasmania loves building healthy relationships with our happy customers. Great customer service and achieving even better results is why we are Tasmania’s preferred Mould remediation specialist.

Our team has helped many Tasmanian home owners, investors and even tenants resolve mould issues. Our team services Northern and Southern Tasmania, with many happy customers loving what we do.

Our Services

Our Services are tailored to your homes specific needs, location and climate. View our range of services available to you

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