Poor Insulation

Does your house suffer from very cold rooms in Winter and very hot rooms in Summer? Keeping your home at the right temperature is what Healthy Homes Tasmania does very well.

Poor Insulation

Temperature Control throughout the Home

Keeping the warmth in is key to making your home more comfortable and system won’t have to work as hard either.

Coming home to a cold house in the middle of winter in not pleasant? Even if you have a efficient heat pump or wood heater you may be loosing up to seven degrees Celcius if your home is not insulted properly. You may be loosing heat through cracks in the floor boards, through the lack of decent insulation, or old insulation in the ceiling. Even gappy insulation which is common if you have traditional halogen ceiling lights causes unnecessary heat loss for your home.

Good insulation is like wrapping your home in a thick Doona… Great for winter to retain heat, and also keeps your home cooler in summer. It is also one of the most cost effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home

How to save money keeping my home cooler in summer and Warmer in winter

Insulation is a very popular method for regulating room temperatures through warmer and colder months. The team at Healthy Homes Tasmania are able to supply and professionally install insulation across walls, subfloors and roof cavities for new homes or existing homes. 

We are not afraid of small spaces, in fact we love them, which is why getting maximum insulation coverage for us is a breeze. Don’t be let down by poor workmanship and call the team at Healthy Homes Tasmania to insulate your home. 

Subfloor Timber Structure of a Home with now Subfloor Insulation
Before shot of a recent job undertaken in a Southern Tasmanian Home outside Hobart. Quality Insulation installed by professional installers to manage temperature variability in the home.
Subfloor Insulation Installed by a professional Installer on a residential home in Tasmania
Job Done, another home in Tasmania which has had subfloor installation professionally installed by Healthy Homes Tasmania. The family can now enjoy warmer winters in their home.
Healthy Homes Tasmania Owner Operator Marty Bohato Installing Insulation in a Ceiling Caviy
Ceiling insulation when installed correctly by a professional can reduce energy bills by keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Ceiling Insulation Installed by Qualified Professionals at Healthy Homes Tasmania
Recently completed job where Healthy Homes Tasmania installed ceiling insulation into a Home in Hobart. Customers noticed an immediate impact with the first weeks with greater levels of warmth in the home.

Workmanship and Quality Assured by Healthy Homes Tasmania

Ensuring you have a professional installer undertaking the work to insulate your home is paramount. Roof cavities and subfloor access can be extremely poor, our team work efficiently to ensure that the job is done right and no areas missed when it comes to insulation.

We have seen way too many jobs that have had poor workmanship and not provided the homeowners the results they have been expecting through a good quality insulation job completed. 

A Healthy Homes Tasmania Professional Installer accessing tough to reach places in a roof cavity
Our team work hard to ensure we get the maximum cover possible when installing insulation in roof cavities. We are not afraid of small spaces, in fact we love them.
Healthy Homes Tasmania Work Vehicle
Our workmanship is second to none. We employ the latest installation techniques and have a wealth of knowledge to ensure your home is happy, healthy and looking after your family.

Problems & Issues

Our team solve many common problems to create Healthy Homes and Healthy Lifestyles for our customers, every day.

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