High Energy Bills

You can significantly reduce your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient with Healthy Homes Tasmania

High Energy Bills

Reduce Energy Bills and become more energy efficient with healthy homes Tasmania

No one likes paying more than they need to when it comes to basic utilities. Understanding where you can get the most cost effective  investment is key to how you can start making a big impact on your energy bills.

There are many factors to consider as part of this including the size and build of the house, what type of existing heating you have, how many people live in the house and when the largest portion of the energy is used are just a few of the factors to consider when addressing your energy consumption issues.  

We only recommend products and services that are appropriate for your situation, and will provide well considered advice and recommendations. It may start with something as simple as replacing your halogen lights with much more cost effective LED Lighting, or you may be losing all the heat your heat pump is generating, simply because the house is not insulated. 

Ceiling Insulation Installed by Qualified Professionals at Healthy Homes Tasmania
Recently completed job where Healthy Homes Tasmania installed ceiling insulation into a Home in Hobart. Customers noticed an immediate impact with the first weeks with greater levels of warmth in the home.
Healthy Homes Tasmania Owner Operator Marty Bohato Installing Insulation in a Ceiling Caviy
Ceiling insulation when installed correctly by a professional can reduce energy bills by keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Subfloor Insulation installed by the Qualified Installers at Healthy Homes Tasmania
Subfloor insulation can have a significant impact in retaining warmth in the home during winter months. Not only does it insulate the subfloor, it also aids to prevent subfloor moisture creeping up and draughts.
Healthy Homes Tasmania Work Vehicle
Our workmanship is second to none. We employ the latest installation techniques and have a wealth of knowledge to ensure your home is happy, healthy and looking after your family.

Problems & Issues

Our team solve many common problems to create Healthy Homes and Healthy Lifestyles for our customers, every day.

Young pregnant woman in baby room which is developing a musty smell
Problems & Issues

Musty Odours

Musty Odours Musty odours in the home are almost certainly a sign of mould. When mould colonies are able to thrive, they can create respiratory

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Couple wearing many layers of clothing to stay warm in their home that has poor insulation
Problems & Issues

Poor Insulation

Poor Insulation Does your house suffer from very cold rooms in Winter and very hot rooms in Summer? Keeping your home at the right temperature

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Residential window with window condensation, crying windows, with fruit and plants
Problems & Issues

Crying Windows

Window Condensation Window condensation is the most obvious example of a damp home. At night glass panels are colder than the air, which results in

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