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See Immediate Improvements Of Up To 7 Degrees With Healthy Homes Tasmania

Ceiling insulation is one of the most cost-effective investments to make for your home to greatly improve comfort levels. 

Our customers are seeing an estimated 6 to 7 degree Celsius increase in the overnight ambient temperature in winter and approx 5 degrees cooler in summer.

Ceiling insulation reduces window condensation, reduces heating and cooling costs, and greatly improves the efficiency of ducted heating or air circulation systems.

Healthy Homes Tasmania Owner Operator Marty Bohato Installing Insulation in a Ceiling Caviy
Ceiling insulation when installed correctly by a professional can reduce energy bills by keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Ceiling Insulation Installed by Qualified Professionals at Healthy Homes Tasmania
Recently completed job where Healthy Homes Tasmania installed ceiling insulation into a Home in Hobart. Customers noticed an immediate impact with the first weeks with greater levels of warmth in the home.

Have You Had Your Insulation Inspected Recently?

Have you recently purchased an old home? Did you know that the insulation in your roof will compress and create gaps after 15-20 years? It may be time for an insulation top up. 


Maintaining your insulation has the following benefits

  • Help retain heat in winter and keep the home cooler in Summer
  • Save you money energy bills 
  • Will act as a fire retardant and won’t conduct electricity
  • Will not sustain insect, rat, possum and bird infestations
  • Will add to the value and energy rating of your house
  • Will assist Australia to combat spiralling domestic energy consumption
Subfloor Timber Structure of a Home with now Subfloor Insulation
Before shot of a recent job undertaken in a Southern Tasmanian Home outside Hobart. Quality Insulation installed by professional installers to manage temperature variability in the home.
Subfloor Insulation Installed by a professional Installer on a residential home in Tasmania
Job Done, another home in Tasmania which has had subfloor installation professionally installed by Healthy Homes Tasmania. The family can now enjoy warmer winters in their home.

Under-Floor Insulation To Make Walking Around Bare Feet More Comfortable In Winter

You shouldn’t rely on carpets to keep your rooms warm underfoot. Underfloor insulation batts form a protective barrier against the outside elements. Underfloor insulation is just like having the equivalent of 11 layers of carpet and underlay under your floor. 


By forming a protective layer against the outside elements, underfloor insulation will make floor boards feel closer to room temperature and protect against air drafts that may occur through cracks in the floors.

On Time, Budget Conscious And Great Service

Healthy homes Tasmania loves building healthy relationships with our happy customers. Great customer service and achieving even better results is why we are Tasmania’s preferred Roof and Underfloor Insulation specialist. 

Our team has helped many Tasmanian home owners and investors save money and keep a warm comfortable home with our Insulation Solutions. Our team services Northern and Southern Tasmania, with many happy customers loving what we do.

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