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Hi my name is Marty and welcome to Healthy Homes Tasmania. We are Tasmania’s leading mould remediation and ventilation specialists based in Hobart. My business specialises in the detection, treatment and eradication of mould, subfloor ventilation, heat transfer systems and the supply and installation of insulation to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible.

I established the business in early 2014 after a family member had complications with Asthma in their late stages of life and I was unable to find a suitable solution locally in Tasmania. Asthma is a long term lung condition that can make breathing difficult and mould is a trigger along with poor ventilation and moisture in the air.  I set out to provide a solution that addresses these problems and Healthy Homes Tasmania was born. Our team have helped well over a few hundred residential homeowners, commercial property owners and investors successfully reduce energy bills, eliminate mould within the property and provide higher quality airflow leading to health outcomes for your family, occupants and employees.

Our Team focuses on Southern Tasmania, however we are known to head north and east in our time. If you believe your home could do with a little more attention to reduce moisture, increase airflow and maintain a constant temperature throughout then please reach out. We offer an obligation free assessment and quote and are contactable by phone, email or our contact form to make a booking. 

We look forward to hearing from you and being of service. 

Image of Marty Bohata from Healthy Homes Tasmania in the outdoors experiencing fresh air on a hike
Marty Bohata started Healthy Homes Tasmania to provider heating, ventilation and mould eradication services to locals and improve air quality within the home. Marty loves exploring Tasmania's wilderness, the fresh air outside is something many Tasmanian Homes lack inside. Fresh air makes for healthy homes, healthy families and healthy lifestyles.
Marty Bohata wearing Full PPE when undertaking mould remediation and eradication work.
Marty is a strong believer in safety first. When dealing with potentially hazardous materials or poor quality air in mouldy and musty places, full personal protection equipment is required to ensure there is no risk of illness, or spreading of mould spores from the contaminated site.
News Artitcle from The Mercury Newspaper in Tasmania which has Marty Bphata from Healthy Homes Tasmania interviewed on Mould Concerns in Tasmanian Homes
Marty Bohata from Healthy Homes Tasmania Tests homes in the Public Housing Portfolio to identify mould, ventilation and heating issues that have the potential to cause a health concern for tenants
Healthy Homes Tasmania Work Vehicle
Our workmanship is second to none. We employ the latest installation techniques and have a wealth of knowledge to ensure your home is happy, healthy and looking after your family.

healthy home, Healthy Family, Healthy living

What is a Healthy Home?

At Healthy Homes Tasmania, we like the idea of being the one to call when you need to remedy ailments, just like when you go to a doctor. It all starts by experiencing the symptoms and calling for help. 

Common problems like rising dampness, condensation and poor ventilation can lead to the musty smells, deterioration of the house, higher energy bills and the presence of mould, which can lead to respiratory issues and trigger asthma. It is our job to remedy these issues and give you and your family the best opportunity to live a comfortable life in what would arguably be your biggest investment.  

Our team use solutions such as mechanical ventilation, heat transfer systems, mould remediation and insulation to name a few in order to address these issues. 

While it may sound simple, each and every home is different, each home comes with its own unique set of factors which impact how these problems occur. These factors include location, orientation, house design, number of people occupying the home and even how you cook. All these factors contribute to the existence of moisture in one way or another, which can lead to mould, musty smells and other health issues. 

A healthy home is a home that protects occupants from the elements and provides a comfortable living environment which promotes good health. 

Our Services

Our Services are tailored to your homes specific needs, location and climate. View our range of services available to you

Healthy Homes Tasmania Work Vehicle

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer AirQ by Healthy Homes Tasmania purifies and distributes clean air and provides an energy efficient heating solution. Learn More Tasmania’s trusted Heat Transfer

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Image of a professional Healthy Homes Tasmanian installer getting into the tight areas to complete a job

Subfloor Ventilation

Subfloor Ventilation Is your moisture rich and smelly basement or subfloor creating costly and harmful problems that you can’t see? Learn More Sub-Floor Ventilation that’s

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Common Problems & Issues

Our team solve many common problems to create Healthy Homes and Healthy Lifestyles for our customers, every day.

Young pregnant woman in baby room which is developing a musty smell
Problems & Issues

Musty Odours

Musty Odours Musty odours in the home are almost certainly a sign of mould. When mould colonies are able to thrive, they can create respiratory

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Man in shock to see the amount of her energy bill
Problems & Issues

High Energy Bills

High Energy Bills You can significantly reduce your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient with Healthy Homes Tasmania Learn More High Energy

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Couple wearing many layers of clothing to stay warm in their home that has poor insulation
Problems & Issues

Poor Insulation

Poor Insulation Does your house suffer from very cold rooms in Winter and very hot rooms in Summer? Keeping your home at the right temperature

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