Asthma & Allergies

With over 300,000 solutions like ours installed across Australia and New Zealand, it is no wonder we are Australia's Favourite solution provider.

Asthma & Allergies

Health Homes tasmania leads the way in reducing Mould Related Triggers which cause Asthma and Allergies

World Health Organisation research suggests you are more likely to have your health affected by an allergen inside your home than outside. 

Infants and elderly are particularly at risk. A well ventilated home is a healthy home. Australians spend tens of thousands of dollars on making their homes more beautiful – surely an investment in a healthy environment makes sense. 

Father treating his son for Asthma using Ventolin Puffer
Healthy Homes,Healthy Family, Healthy Living is our mantra. Poor ventilation in the home can lead to mould and impact the health of your family. Airborne particles called Mould Spores are harmful for children and adults with respiritory ailments
Mould in the home found underneath the wallpaper can have an adverse impact on air quality in the home.
Visible signs of mould generally means that the issue is very far progressed and immediate attention is required.

The Best Solution for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers is Healthy Homes Tasmania

Looking for a reliable solution for air filtration to avoid issues with Asthma and Allergens? Healthy Homes Tasmania recommends the inAIR85 PPFV or the inAIR99 PPFV with HEPA filtration upgrade.

What is an PPFV System? PPFV stands for Positive Pressure Filtered Ventilation Systems. Positive pressure ventilation is a form of air filtration that involves the delivery of clean air or a mixture of oxygen combined with other gases by positive pressure into your home via the system. 

An inAIR PPFV system is an automated, ducted, medical grade filtered positive pressure ventilation system. What’s more, the system captures that free warm air in your roof to heat your home in winter and that free cool night time air to cool your home in summer. 

There are over 300,000 of these type of systems installed in Australia and New Zealand. Frankly, if you are building a new home and don’t have one these on your must have list – you’re crazy!

Positive Pressure Filtered Ventilation Systems (PPFVs) illustrated to show how clean airflow can travel in the home
PPFV’s (often generically referred to as HRV systems) have been around for around 15 years with some 300,000 installed systems across Australia and New Zealand. These systems represent the best solution for energy efficient, healthy, “set and forget” ventilation

Investment and Warranty

The system needs to be sized to your home. For average house sizes 100m2, 200m2, 300m2 expect to pay $4250, $5250, $6250 respectively. These prices are fully installed including GST and 5 years warranty.

DIY Solutions for the extra handy Person

Any tradesman or competent DIY’er should have no problems – systems can be supplied as a complete “plug n play” kit, with comprehensive instructions.


Problems & Issues

Our team solve many common problems to create Healthy Homes and Healthy Lifestyles for our customers, every day.

Young pregnant woman in baby room which is developing a musty smell
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Man in shock to see the amount of her energy bill
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High Energy Bills

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