Problems & Issues

Common problems and issues that can lead to an unhealthy home.
Young pregnant woman in baby room which is developing a musty smell

Musty Odours

Musty Odours Musty odours in the home are almost certainly a sign of mould. When mould colonies are able to

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Man in shock to see the amount of her energy bill

High Energy Bills

High Energy Bills You can significantly reduce your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient with Healthy Homes

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Residential window with window condensation, crying windows, with fruit and plants

Crying Windows

Window Condensation Window condensation is the most obvious example of a damp home. At night glass panels are colder than

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Mould and Mould Stains on Damp Wall and Door behind Cabinet due to condensation caused by lack of ventilation.

Damp Home

Damp Home Dampness in the home is usually a sign of Rising dampness issues. The impact of rising dampness causes

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Home buyer inspecting a home with visible mould issues

Mouldy Home

Mouldy Home Visible mould is mould that has reached a serious stage of infection and is a major health hazard

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